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Set out below are the terms and conditions by which Castle
Cars conduct its business with the Client, the Passenger (the person
travelling) and the Booker (the person booking journeys). Castle Cars reserves
the right to vary these terms and conditions of trading without notice.

Castle Cars sets out to provide a safe reliable service to all of its

We will always try to be fair and reasonable to our
customers and promote goodwill where possible.

Whilst we will exercise all due care and consideration to carry out Client
and/or Passenger instruction we will not be liable for any incidence or loss
due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Call Recording & Text Messaging

All calls to Castle Cars are recorded for future reference,
copies of recordings can be provided on request.

By booking with Castle Cars permission is given to send text message 

updates, and for occasional future marketing messages

Transport of Goods

All parcels, packages and goods are taken at customer’s own risk. It is
the customer’s responsibility to ensure adequate insurance cover is in
place for goods in transit.

Right to Refusal

Castle Cars reserve the right to refuse to carry any persons or objects
that the driver deems to be likely to cause him or his vehicle harm or
damage in whatsoever form. The judgment of the driver will be final.

Castle Cars may charge for any costs involved.


All quotes, where given, are approximate according to an estimate of miles
and time incurred by driver and time of day of travel and type of vehicle
required to do a specific journey.


We will calculate fares based upon mileage incurred, time and out of pocket

The charge rate will vary according to the type of vehicle/service required for
the journey.

We operate fixed rates for journeys to or from the local areas to: the London
airports and to most London postal codes.

Most journeys are quoted travelling via the shortest route.
If the route varies from this, e.g. by request from the customer to use a
motorway route or the driver has to avoid a traffic related problem, Castle
Cars reserve the right to charge the Client for any extra mileage and time


We reserve the right to apply a surcharge to:

– Airport and station pick-ups

– out of area to out of area journeys.

– airport and station pick-ups.

– Christmas, New Year and other Bank Holiday journeys

– additional stops on route

– periods of extreme weather or road conditions.

– journeys out of standard business hours.

– peak hours


Castle Cars assumes a journey / booking request is still valid until:-

1. A Passenger or someone deemed to be representing the
Passenger cancels the journey with a member of staff in the offices of Castle
Cars and receives confirmation by the member of staff that it is cancelled.

2. Our driver and or supporting staff have satisfied themselves that they
are unable to pick the Passenger up for whatever reason.

Until then we will take all reasonable care to complete the

In the event of a cancellation of a journey Castle Cars may
charge for any costs incurred until the time when it is apparent that Castle
Cars have been satisfactorily informed of a cancellation of booking or Castle
Cars have been unable to contact the Passenger.

Usually there would be no charge for a journey cancelled
prior to dispatch.

Where a journey is cancelled after the driver has been
dispatched the Client may be liable for a charge.

Where the driver is unable to find a Passenger after making all reasonable
efforts the Client may be charged

Where a Client or Passenger gives incorrect information regarding a pickup
place or time or other relevant detail that results in a cost to our driver,
the Client may be liable for a cancellation charge.

Waiting time

Where a driver has to wait beyond the appointed time to collect a Passenger,
whether it be the fault of the Passenger or Client or arises from circumstances
beyond their control, the Client will be liable to pay Castle Cars for the
waiting time.

Cancellation Charge

A Cancellation Charge is calculated to pay for the time and miles and
incidental costs of our driver when he is unable to pick up a passenger.


We will try to carry out a journey in a way the Passenger requests, e.g. route
variation unless we have written instructions not to do so by the account

Security of the account

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure adequate security to ensure that
the facility is not abused.

The account will be set up with minimal security measures unless the Client
specifies their requirements in writing,

Castle Cars are able to set up various security measures with a prior
request in writing from the Client.

The Client will be liable to pay all bookings made on the account.


The Client undertakes to pay invoices within the payment
terms on the account application.

Overdue amounts may incur interest at 2.5% above base
lending rates.


All queries are to be raised in writing within 14 days of travel